Trump tweets about travel ban and border wall in morning Twitter briefing

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Trump used his formidable Twitter presence today to let people know that the judiciary’s actions are SO DANGEROUS today.

That headline is from Fox News:

The State Department has more than doubled the rate of refugees from Iraq, Syria and other suspect countries in the week since a federal judge’s reprieve, in what analysts said appears to be a push to admit as many people as possible before another court puts the program back on ice.

A staggering 77 percent of the 1,100 refugees let in since Judge James L. Robart’s Feb. 3 order have been from the seven suspect countries. Nearly a third are from Syria alone — a country that President Trump has ordered be banned altogether from the refugee program. Another 21 percent are from Iraq. By contrast, in the two weeks before Judge Robart’s order, just 9 percent of refugees were from Syria and 6 percent were from Iraq.

He also responded to reports that the border wall was expected to cost much more than originally thought:

It doesn’t really matter if he makes Mexico pay for it, right? Right?

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