‘Trump will be the BIGGEST CHANGE agent in the history of the United States!!’ – Judge Pirro

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Judge Jeannine Pirro in an hourlong worship service on Fox News, praised our dear leader for destroying the only and worst enemy of the United States, our media, and finally bringing light and hope to the world after a thousand years of darkness.

Watch below:

Trump is the only president and Pirro is his prophet, and he is the biggest and classiest change agent, bigger and classier than George Washington, who won the revolutionary war, and bigger and classier than paltry Abe Lincoln, who kept the union together. Trump will be greater than anyone in American history by defeating NAFTA, and raising tariffs, and building a wall.

Yea, though we tweet in the valley of the mainstream media, we shall fear no fake news, for Trump comforts us, his toupee and his spray tan maintain us, and protect us from all evil CNN anchors. Verily verily, I say to thee, forever and over, hosanna in the Trumpiest!

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This post originally appeared on The Right Scoop


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