Venezuela’s people are STARVING, but the communist leader has a BIG GUT! – Marco Rubio

Man, I know a lot of people hate Marco Rubio, but he sounds absurdly presidential when speaking about the actions that the United States should take when addressing the uncertainty in the commie country of Venezuela.

Watch below as he slams their commie leader Maduro for his fat gut while his people starve:

I’ve read reports that people are literally breaking into zoos and eating the animals because they’re starving to death, but liberals keep telling us how awful capitalism is and how beautiful and wonderful communism is.

Meanwhile, the starving victims of Venezuelan communism are rising up against their fascist oppressors in the streets.

I hope Trump supports their uprising somehow. Maybe listen to Rubio!!

It’s an interesting test – if he goes the Rubio route, then he’s turning away from the populist isolationism he touted. The Rubio route is more aggressive, Reaganesque defense of liberty abroad, something a lot of voters have shown disdain for….

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