WATCH: Gov. Abbott confirms that Texas gunman was denied gun license, shouldn’t have had a gun

Greg Abbott confirmed to CNN this morning that the Texas gunman had applied for a gun license in Texas, but was denied. And given his criminal record he wasn’t allowed to have a weapon:

Abbott is right. We must wait until we have the facts before arguing about what needs to be done.

As was pointed out in the comments, this guy could have bought the gun privately (I really hope not).

Or he could have stolen it. Or he could have lied on an application, creating a mixup in which he was able to get his hands on one.

There’s no way to know until law enforcement can tell us what occurred.

So all of this brow beating over guns really needs to calm down until we get all of the facts.

What we do know is that someone dishonorably discharged wouldn’t be able to legally own a weapon:

Also worth noting is what Abbott said near the end of the video, that killing itself is illegal and there are very recent examples where people were killed and a gun was not used.

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