WATCH: Jamiel Shaw Sr BLASTS Democrats for booing Trump’s new immigration program

This is a great interview with the father of Jamiel Shaw Jr, who was killed by two illegal alien gangsters back in 2008. In the interview he explains how happy he was that Trump highlighted the murder of his son and all that he’s doing to get criminal illegals out of the country.

In fact when Trump announced his VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement) program that he’s creating for the victims of illegal immigrants, Democrats booed. Jamiel Shaw Sr. didn’t have nice words to say about any of them.

Just watch the interview:

Shaw said these Democrats who booed don’t want anything but division and bickering. He called it disgusting and said they don’t want to help any kids, husbands, or family members that have been murdered by illegals.

But then he said that this cause is bigger than them, so he just ignores them like they do him. Awesome.

You know, just watching Shaw in the interview, it’s hard not to be empathetic of his losses and his plight. I loved his bluntness about it making his family stronger, but then saying “who wants to get stronger because of death?” – it just resonated with me.

I’m glad Trump highlighted his family last night and his son who was murdered. He deserves nothing less than that.

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