WATCH: Martha McSally releases new video announcing her run for Senate in Arizona

So far this week former Sheriff Arpaio has been getting the lion’s share of the news coverage since he announce he’s running for the Senate in Arizona. Well now Martha McSally means to steal back some of the attention for herself with her new video announcing her run for the Senate:

The line from the video that’s catching the most attention is how she says she told Washington Republicans to “grow a pair of ovaries” and get the job done.

She also plays big upon her service in the Air Force as the first female fighter pilot and also how won a victory to stop Saudi Arabia from forcing military women to wear ‘long black robes’ over their uniforms when in the country.

And lastly, she made certain to include footage of Trump praising her, calling her the ‘real deal’ and ‘tough’.

However, when looking at the scorecards from both Conservative Review and Heritage Action, she doesn’t do well at all. Conservative Review gives her an F rating of (45%) and Heritage Action gives her a 43% rating, which is will below their Republican average of 65%. Click those links to find out more.

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