WATCH: Trey Gowdy GRILLS FBI Director Comey about investigating classified leaks to media…

Trey Gowdy is clearly unhappy with the leaking of classified materials to the media with respect to General Flynn and the Trump administration and tries to get the FBI to go on the record publically about whether they are investigating these leaks:

Not only is Gowdy unhappy about the leaks, but he appears very displeased that the FBI director won’t go on the record to suggest he’s investigating them. As Gowdy points out, Comey did go on the record about investigating Russia’s influence in our presidential election and whether they were aided by the Trump campaign in any way.

Comey tries to hide behind the idea that if he confirms the investigation, he will be confirming that confidential information was in fact leaked and therefore be compounding the crime itself.

But this excuse doesn’t hold water with Gowdy, as he tries to convey to Comey just how important it is for the American people to know that such crimes are being investigated.

I’ll add Gowdy’s full line of questioning when it becomes available, so check back soon.

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