Wow: Defense lawyer in Kate Steinle case has a message for TRUMP and Jeff Sessions!!

Oh boy… there’s a lot of outrage over the unbelievable verdict in the Kate Steinle case that just went down.

The defense attorney came out and offered a bit of advice for Trump and Jeff Sessions in anticipation of their commenting on the verdict.

Watch below:

Dang. That’s pretty gutsy of the guy, but he has a good point. I’m not sure why the killer was found not guilty, but if the prosecution didn’t prove his case, then that’s on him, and not anyone else. And the system we have is a good one – we’re presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ironically, Mexico’s law system is based on the Napoleonic code – you’re GUILTY until you prove you’re innocent. I think our system is much more just, even if sometimes there are unbelievable verdicts like this one today.

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