Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron, and the Best Donuts in America

Endnotes and digressions from the latest show:

* So Vic is growing more powerful by the day. Previously, his mutant abilities were limited to killing aged Hollywood actors by speaking their names. Now he’s killing entire businesses with his voice. It’s a shame China Garden had to go out this way. But the Angel of Death is a force which cannot be contained. Kind of like the Phoenix force, maybe.

* Let’s jump back to Tuesdays’ micro episode on Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m not going to respond to Sonny’s embarrassingly obvious troll job on Krispy Kreme. Anyone who eats those garbage donuts deserves what they get.

But I did forget a truly great donut chain: Duck Donuts. Duck Donuts doesn’t do fancy-schmance donuts like some of the other places on my list. But their competitive advantage is that all of the donuts are made to order. That’s right. You tell them what you want, and they drop the batter into the fryer right there in front of you and then build the donut while it’s warm.

At Duck Donuts, the hot sign is always on. They’re so good that I’d probably rank them #3 on my list.

* The troll job I will fall for is Sonny’s contention that he’s now kind-of, sort-of, rooting for Wonder Woman to get a Best Picture nomination? Why? Because this week Hollywood discovered that the Koch Brothers (who may or may not be the actual spawn of Satan) were financial backers of the movie.

It’s always been amusing to watch the left discount the Koch’s support of ballet and cancer research and the arts—none of those causes mean anything in the face of the Koch brothers’ Very Bad political opinions. (We can’t be more than a couple months away from the Koch’s being branded as “alt-right.”) But Wonder Woman is—unlike cancer or ballet—a cause that the left really believes in.

How would America’s virtue signalers figure out what they’re supposed to think if the Koch-funded feminist masterpiece was poised to triumph at the Oscars?

* I have a link to that Eli Roth photo, but I probably shouldn’t share it with you. Sorry. That said, I’m still mystified by the outrage over the trailer for the Death Wish remake. It looks pretty okay to me:

* I really can’t recommend the source material for Atomic Blonde highly enough. The original graphic novel is called The Coldest City and it’s by Anthony Johnston. If you like spy stuff, this is my favorite comic book in that genre since Greg Rucka’s amazing Queen & Country.

* Finally, this is clearly the best tweet the show has ever gotten. Go look at the reaction of this toddler to putting his hand in the sand at the beach. That’s exactly what Sonny would look like, too. If he ever went outside.

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