Scaramucci Loves His Women’s Sunglasses

The Mooch now knows he wears women’s sunglasses. And he’s damn proud.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci responded this weekend to a report from THE WEEKLY STANDARD, which revealed that his famous polarized aviators are, in fact, women’s active sunglasses.

Scaramucci dawned the shades Sunday during a wide-ranging 52-minute Periscope interview.

“I wear women’s sunglasses because one, I didn’t realize they were women’s sunglasses,” he said, his eyes shielded from fluorescent light. “Two, I think they look pretty good with the shape of my face.”

“Those are the only two reasons,” he said, before removing the glasses and getting a little defensive.

“And by the way, I own it,” he added, gesturing with the shades. “And so I’m going to continue to wear women’s sunglasses.”

Then, casting the sunnies out of frame, he looked into the camera with apparent satisfaction.

We remember his 11-day tenure fondly.

P.S. You can get your own pair of “Oakley Feedback” shades, crafted “for the active woman,” here.

This post originally appeared on Weekly Standard


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