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Say this about the Trump presidency: It befuddles Democrats, who are racing to adjust their political positions to appease their angry constituents’ anti-Trump mood. Their latest contortion on immigration is leaving some in the party of resistance sounding like Rush Limbaugh.

A Politico report suggests Trump may have so alienated congressional Democrats that they won’t support anything he proposes—not even an immigration overhaul that would allow some illegal immigrants to remain in the country legally. Trump expressed openness to such a large-scale reform and the Democratic response was swift: Politico quoted Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and immigration activist groups expressing deep skepticism that a deal could come together.

Let that sink in. Democrats’ anti-Trump reflexes have become so reflexive that they prefer a significant segment of their base to face mass deportations rather than risk handing the president a political victory. The about-face on immigration comes in the same week that some Democrats were visibly unenthusiastic about creating jobs or defeating ISIS—all because those efforts were endorsed by the Donald. They have come to behave, at hearing the name Trump, like Hunter Thompson’s dog at the word “Nixon.”

Who knows where this bout of oppositional defiant disorder might strike next? Look for Schumer, Pelosi, & Co. to boycott the White House Easter Egg Roll, or perhaps to urge that the presidentially pardoned Thanksgiving turkey this year get the ax.

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