Trump Talks Up Tax Reform, Says Americans Will Have ‘So Much Money’

In a speech championing Republican tax reform efforts on Wednesday, President Donald Trump attempted to deflect criticism that the GOP tax plan disproportionately favors the wealthy with a novel argument: The rich don’t even want a tax cut.

“It’s a middle class bill. That’s what we’re thinking of. That’s what I want,” Trump said, speaking at the Air National Guard base in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “I’ve had rich friends of mine come up to me and say they don’t want it—give it to the middle class, give it to people who want to spend it. You would be surprised.”

Over the course of his speech, Trump laid out a typically hyperbolic case for his tax reform package: simplifying income tax brackets, slashing corporate tax rates, repealing the estate tax, and in general giving people “so much money to spend in this wonderful country.” The new code, he said, would give the typical American household a $4,000 raise.

“And you’re going to spend that money, it’s going to be put to work, and jobs are going to be produced, and we’re going to start making our product again,” Trump said. “I wouldn’t want to be a politician against that. They’re going to have a long, hard winter.”

Trump also apparently couldn’t resist making some audience-specific promises about the still-not-announced infrastructure bill that the White House is supposedly creating.

“You’re going to make more money. You’re going to do better than ever before,” Trump told the truckers in attendance. “American trucks will glide along highways…. They will be smooth, beautiful highways again.”

This post originally appeared on Weekly Standard


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