O’Keefe Strikes Again – Lawyer Admits to Protecting Teachers Who Force Sex Acts On Students (VIDEO)

Project Veritas strikes again! This time they caught Mitchell H. Rubinstein, senior counsel to New York State United Teachers Union boasting about how he protects teachers who force heinous sex acts on underage students. 

P.V. Journalist: “What’s the craziest one that you’ve heard though that’s like where they were definitely guilty, where they’re still teaching?”

Rubinstein: “I had a guy who was alleged he was a junior high school teacher and he was alleged to forcibly, he was a male teacher with male students have oral sex with male students.”

P.V. Journalist: “So he would put a knife to the kid’s head to give the kids bl*w jobs?”

Rubinstein (nods in agreement): “For the kids to give him a bl*w job. He’s alleged to have done it by force, like by knife and gun.”

Rubinstein also went on to say that through discovery they saw that the teachers had the students cell phone numbers. He shrugged it off saying they wanted to help students with their homework…

Rubinstein also said that the teacher passed a lie detector test even after admitting what he did to the students.

VIDEO: Warning-Disturbing content/language

This post originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit


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