Outrageous! Jane Velez Mitchell Says Capitol Hill “Cops as Pigs” Painting Is ‘Insult To Pigs’ (VIDEO)


Wow! CNN contributor and former Headline News host Jane Velez Mitchell says the Capitol Hill painting where a police officer is depicted as a pig is an insult to pigs!

Jane Velez Mitchell:

I also happen to be an animal rights activist and a vegan and I don’t think that pig is a dirty word. I feel we demonized animals especially farm animals and it’s something we need to look at. These are God’s creatures and we should show them respect. So I think the very notion of using the word pig is an insult to animals and an insult to nature….

That’s right Jane, let’s feel sorry for the animals, not the police officers who are being disrespected as they risk their lives on a daily basis. Police officers deserve our respect and this painting should be removed.

This post originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit


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