UPDATES on Active Duty Marine Jailed for Shooting Armed Home Intruder

Joey Nelson, the active duty Marine who was jailed for shooting an armed intruder, has been bailed out. His family, with some help from a Go Fund Me page, was able to put up the $7500 needed to free him from the Wayne County jail in Michigan. The total bond is $75,000, which only applies should Nelson jump bail, which he would have no reason to.

The busted up door jamb at the Nelson household, allegedly caused by Michael Wilson trying to force his way inside.

In addition to the cash, Nelson has to wear an ankle bracelet GPS monitor. He is allowed to report for duty in Lansing, and he has a 5 hour window on Sundays where he can go wherever he wants, but other than that, he has to stay at home. Though the Judge’s original tether orders were simply that he had to stay in the state and not go near the “victim’s” address, someone with the branch that handles the tethers made the additional orders.

The listed “victim”, of course, is Michael Scott Wilson, who apparently tried to bust down the door of the Nelson home with a gun in hand, which led to the shots fired.

One of the many interesting things that doesn’t make much sense is that the police have failed to make any mention of the broken door jamb on Nelson’s front door, which is one of the key pieces of evidence that supports the story that Michael Wilson was trying to kick the door in. The police reports make numerous mentions of a marijuana pipe found inside the house, but didn’t charge anyone with any possession of drugs, yet they can’t notice the big cracks in the door jamb?

Nelson is up on felony charges of “assault with intent to murder”, “assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder or by strangulation”, “assault with a dangerous weapon”, and three counts of committing a felony with a firearm.

Wilson, the guy who provoked the altercation and tried to break into Nelson’s home, is only charged with one count of carrying a concealed weapon.

Joseph Nelson’s next court date is February 22nd, and they are hoping to pack the courtroom with supporters, in hopes that the charges will be dropped.

They are still raising funds for the legal defense on a GoFundMe page, which also ads:

You can reach the Wayne County District Attorney Kym Worthy at (313) 224-5777.

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