At least 33 shot in gun-controlled Chicago over Christmas weekend

At least 33 people were shot in Chicago on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, according to data compiled by the Chicago Tribune, continuing the surge of violence marked by significantly more shootings in the city this year than last.

The victims ranged from ages 17 to 53. They joined the 4,306 people who have been injured or killed by gun violence to this date in 2016.

Last year, Chicago was home to 2,989 shooting victims. The uptick in violence has occurred despite strict gun laws that have effectively shuttered the city’s gun shops and imposed burdensome regulations on those seeking to own a firearm.

Democrats in the city, such as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have blamed more relaxed gun laws in neighboring states for the continued flow of weapons into the Windy City.

Emanuel, former chief of staff to President Obama, has advocated for additional police officers and an increased use of police body cameras in an effort to balance the need for more law enforcement with the concerns of groups like Black Lives Matter.

On the campaign trail, President-elect Trump frequently pointed to the violence in Chicago as evidence that onerous gun control measures are not part of the solution to urban shootings.

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