Catherine Frazier: From the campaign with Ted Cruz to Capitol Hill

Name: Catherine Frazier

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Position: Senior communications adviser for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

Age: 32

Alma Mater: University of Texas


Washington Examiner: Describe what you do and your responsibilities.

Frazier: I oversee the day-to-day operations in the senator’s press office. That includes planning what materials we put out internally, as well as any press releases, photos, footage we need to get of his events. And then also help with bigger-picture planning for what we want to accomplish on a messaging and communications front.

Washington Examiner: Right now, what’s the focus of the press office and Sen. Cruz?

Frazier: Recently, we introduced the El Chapo Act. A great idea that came out of the office, a clever and creative way to put money towards border security that otherwise would go elsewhere. When you have the chance to seize up to billions in assets, I think it is a good use of taxpayer money to make sure that that’s directed to an important government-funded priority, and funding the border just makes sense.

Washington Examiner: Talk about the transition from the campaign to life on Capitol Hill.

Frazier: Obviously, the day-to-day looks very different. It was a transition going from being in a different place, having five events every day to coming back to D.C. and really focusing back on getting him back in the state and talking to Texans who we haven’t had the chance to directly talk to while he was on the campaign trail.

One thing that never changed, even when we got off the campaign: We were still talking about the same things we were talking about on the campaign trail. It was a different dynamic, but the priorities never really changed.

Washington Examiner: Compare and contrast working for Sen. Cruz and Rick Perry.

Frazier: One of my favorite moments was when Gov. Perry was on our campaign bus in Iowa and Wisconsin. That was so fun because it was like two of my professional worlds colliding, and it was really great to see him and the senator really develop a closer relationship than they had before.

They both are such forces of nature and very different individuals, but one thing I feel so blessed having worked for both of them is that they never hesitate to lead, whether it’s controversial or not.

Washington Examiner: What is your best Rick Perry story?

Frazier: He is hilarious. We were flying somewhere in Texas, and we ran into the worst turbulence I’ve ever been in my entire life. We had cans of Dr. Pepper hitting the ceiling. I’m kind of frozen, and one staffer in front of me was terrified. She was about to melt down in tears. Meanwhile, Gov. Perry is over here like, “Yee-haw! You got this guys!” Literally having the time of his life while the rest of us are fearful that we’re about to lose our lives. He was like “you got this boys! Good job!” It was probably a minute, but it felt like a lifetime, and he was like “Wasn’t that great you guys? Didn’t you love that?!” And I just started laughing and crying at the same time, but it was case in point in who he is, one of the most adventurous people you know. He’s a former Air Force pilot, so he knew what he was getting into.

Washington Examiner: What do you do in your spare time?

Frazier: Well, I split time between Austin and Washington, so when I’m in Austin I spend as much time with my friends as I can. Just spending time out on the town, there are so many fun things to do. I love shopping. I’m a runner, and I’m a Houston sports fan.

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