Chuck Grassley notifies Trump he won’t be on tax committee in early morning tweet

Sen. Chuck Grassley used Twitter to tell President Trump Thursday morning that he won’t be on the conference committee for the tax bill.

The Iowa Republican meant the early morning tweet simply to let Trump know he wouldn’t be on the committee that will hammer out the differences between the Senate and House versions of the tax legislation, because he and “the president have talked so much about getting tax reform done,” a spokesman for his office said.

The eight GOP senators on the committee, named Wednesday night, include many of Grassley’s colleagues on the Finance Committee.

Grassley was the chairman of the committee when Congress passed the Bush tax cuts in 2003.

He has frequently used Twitter to try to catch the attention of the White House or Trump.

In September, he tweeted the president about reports of a deal cut with Democrats and about biofuels. In August, he counseled Trump to tour the country rather than taking vacation. In February he asked the White House social media team to tell Trump to read his tweets on transparency. And there’s much more.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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