Democrats call on Ivanka Trump to sever ties with Chinese company

The Democrats are calling on Ivanka Trump to cut ties with a factory under investigation for human rights after it was reported Thursday that one man had been arrested and two others were missing amid their investigation into the company that produces Ivanka Trump-brand shoes.

“For years, Ivanka Trump has ignored public reports of awful labor conditions at a factory that makes her shoes,” said Adrienne Watson, the Democratic National Committee’s deputy communications director, in a statement.

“Now, she must decide whether she can ignore the Chinese government’s apparent attempt to silence an investigation into those worker abuses,” Watson continued. “Ivanka’s brand should immediately cease its work with this supplier, and the Trump administration should reverse its current course and confront China on its human rights abuses.”

China Labor Watch was planning on publishing reports alleging excessive overtime, student intern misuse and inadequate pay, according to an Associated Press report. One of the men, Hua Haifeng, was reportedly arrested on charges of illegal surveillance. Li Qiang, the executive director for the group, speculated that the other two investigators might be held by the factory or police.

Trump now serves as an assistant to her father, President Trump, in the White House.

When asked for comment, White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks referred questions to Ivanka Trump’s brand, the AP reported. The Ivanka Trump brand declined to comment for this story, the AP added.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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