Former ambassador to Russia: Putin sought ‘revenge’ against Clinton

Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. election was to get revenge against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said Sunday.

“Let’s remember that Vladimir Putin thinks [Clinton] interfered in his election — the parliamentary election in December 2011 — and has said as much publicly, and I’ve heard him talk about it privately,” McFaul explained.

Clinton was at the helm of the State Department in 2011 and pressed the Obama administration to take a harder line against Putin during her tenure.

“It’s very rational in my view that [Putin] would rather see President-elect Trump be the next president of the United States instead of Secretary Clinton,” McFaul explained to NBC News’ Chuck Todd.

McFaul also encouraged Congress to pursue a “bipartisan, independent investigation” into Russia’s cyberactivity during 2016 presidential election in light of new intelligence leaks claiming the Kremlin hacked and selectively released emails belonging to the Democratic National Committee in order to benefit Trump’s chances of making it to the White House.

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