Jeanine Pirro at Mar-a-Lago event: This ‘sure ain’t no shithole’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort was not a “shithole,” pushing back on some recent Yelp reviews of Trump’s properties that called them “shitholes.”

“Welcome to Mar-a-Lago,” Pirro said at an event at the Palm Beach, Fla., resort Thursday evening, according to the Palm Beach Post. “A magnificent place. It sure ain’t no shithole!”

The reviews calling Trump properties “shitholes” occurred after Trump allegedly referred to some African nations as “shithole countries” in a meeting discussing an immigration deal. Trump has denied making the comment.

Pirro was speaking at a Red, White, and Blue Celebration event put on by the Trumpettes, a group of women who are supporters of Trump. They are holding the event at Mar-a-Lago to commemorate Trump’s first year in office, two days before the anniversary of his inauguration.

The Trumpettes were initially started by four wealthy women who were trying to get Trump elected starting in 2015. The group has grown into thousands of supporters.

Tickets for the Trumpette gala sold out rapidly and were priced at $300 per person. It’s expected that 800 are in attendance.

Trump is anticipated to land Friday evening in Palm Beach — and will possibly be at Mar-a-Lago amid a government shutdown.

Another party will be held on Saturday at the resort to honor his first year in office, Bloomberg reported late Thursday.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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