Make up your mind, you weird, lazy scold

Laughs are hard to come by these days, so we won’t take them for granted. We also won’t tolerate weird scolds who try to ruin it for everyone.

Social media users found an unusually bright spot on the Internet Friday morning after the BBC released an uproariously funny video of an interview that went terribly wrong.

Of course, not everyone loved it. Some, including an author who goes by the name “Media Mole,” apparently hated it.

“Basically, the message this video delivers to me is: being a man is playing life on the easy setting,” read an article posted by the NewStateman. “Once again, the yawning awareness of the patriarchy shits on my ability to enjoy something.”

Interestingly enough, the same person who wrote the article decrying the video of Professor Robert Kelly’s interview being interrupted by apparently every member of his family also wrote an article praising it.

Not long after the BBC video went viral, “Media Mole” posted an item titled, “Watch: BBC News pundit’s children crash his interview and it’s the best thing ever.”

Just minutes after that article went live, “Media Mole” penned another item titled: “The BBC pundit’s children video is NOT FUNNY. It’s patriarchy in a nutshell.”

Oh, come on.

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“[O]ne reason why there are more men delivering their opinions all over our televisions most days – because women are doing the behind the scenes work needed to make that feasible,” read the second article.

It goes on like that for quite a while.

“True equality will not have been achieved until we see a father desperately clawing at a baby wheeler while a woman talks about the rising threat of nuclear war,” the scolding article said.

“Of course, this is all cruel projection. For all we know Mr Pundit might otherwise be an exemplary hands-on dad. Perhaps he’s changing the nappy of a third, hidden child under the desk with his feet. It’s not his fault that the patriarchy exists, and also annoys me so much. Still, though, pity me. Once again, an awareness of the unequal nature of caring labour has ruined a great viral video for me,” it added.

The byline on the second article (the scolding one) was updated later Friday afternoon to that it now reads “Moley Tant,” which purports to be the “Media Mole’s” killjoy “spinster aunt,” and this is officially all very silly now.

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It’s possible the second article is merely lazy, but very successful, click-trolling (it’s the most popular item on their site at the moment). It’s also possible it’s a genuine bit of scolding. It doesn’t really matter.

There aren’t a lot of laughs nowadays, and everyone is so damn serious all the time. Can we please just have one thing – one thing! – without some weird person surfacing on the Internet to explain (either as satire or seriously) why a perfectly funny and innocent moment is actually problematic?

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