Media have no doubts about Trump’s sexual misconduct

President Trump has long denied claims by several women who say he sexually harassed or assaulted them, but those denials are wearing thin in the eyes of the news media now that similar accusations have ended careers of several high-profile men in politics.

Liberal feminist writer Lindy West wrote Wednesday in the New York Times that it is time for everyone to plainly accept that, “Yes, President Donald Trump has sexually harassed women.”

“I am so tired of participating in the collective national farce that things happening right in front of our eyes might not really be happening,” she wrote. “That we do not already know the truth about what our president and the nation he rules think about women. We know. Anyone who says he doesn’t know is lying.”

Nowhere in West’s piece is it mentioned that Trump has repeatedly refuted his accusers.

Likewise, Times columnist Gail Collins wrote Wednesday that it’s time to “focus on the Donald Trump sleaziness sagas that the nation didn’t deal with in 2016.”

After Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., announced he will soon resign amid sexual misconduct allegations last week, Robert Kuttner, co-founder and editor of the left-leaning American Prospect magazine, wrote that “instead of turning on one of their own, Democrats and feminists — and all decent people — should be intensifying the pressure for a full investigation” into Trump, who Kuttner referred to as “Groper-in-Chief.”

In addition to Franken, Democratic Rep. John Conyers and Republican Reps. Blake Farenthold and Trent Franks have also announced their resignations in recent weeks, after facing claims of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Though Franken in his resignation announcement denied he had done anything wrong, he still said he intended to leave his seat.

Trump was accused by multiple women ahead of the 2016 election but denied all of the allegations and went on to win the race, even winning white women voters by 10 points over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

As other figures have had to face their own accusers, and as Trump’s accusers have resurfaced in public to retell their stories, Democrats have renewed their criticism targeting Trump, even calling on him to resign. Some in the media have said the same.

“[I]t’s not that we didn’t hear Trump’s accusers, or even that we didn’t believe them,” New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino said last month. “We knew that they weren’t lying, and we elected him anyway. Our response when victims speak up now has to be shaped by the magnitude of that failure.”

New York magazine’s Margaret Hartmann asked in November (with an updated version of the article on Dec. 12), “What happened to the 19 women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct?”

The story noted the dozens of other famous men accused of sexual impropriety and said that in light of those, the allegations against Trump seem “grossly overlooked.”

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