Melania Trump again wears stilettos on her way to Texas in the face of last week’s criticism

After facing a wave of critiques by journalists over her choice of footwear upon her departure to Texas last week, first lady Melania Trump was spotted once again wearing stilettos on Saturday as she left with her husband, President Trump, to visit those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.

Photographers snapped photos of her wearing sunglasses, a tan rain coat and high-heel shoes as she boarded Marine One on the way to Andrews Air Force Base, and later Air Force One.

President Trump wore a black rain jacket and slacks and brown shoes.

Several people on Twitter noted Melania’s stilettos, with some interpreting the move as her sticking it to her critics last week.

The first lady endured backlash from a slew of journalists last Tuesday for sporting heels as she boarded a plane to visit those affected by the Hurricane in Texas, complaining the footwear wasn’t appropriate. Despite all the complaints, Trump changed into a pair of white sneakers when she arrived in Texas.

When Air Force One landed in Houston, Melania disembarked wearing white sneakers and a “Texas” hat.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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