Minneapolis protester uses pepper spray against Trump fans

Fights broke out at the Minneapolis State Capitol Building on Saturday when several dozen anti-Trump protesters crashed a pro-Trump event. Six of the anti-Trump protesters were arrested for allegedly setting off fireworks, smoke bombs and using a “chemical irritant” — pepper spray — inside the building.

“I witnessed two older gentlemen frantically flushing out their eyes with water from a fountain,” State Representative Cindy Pugh, R-Chanhassen, told the Washington Examiner. Pugh, who had gone to the event to show support for Trump, said she did not see what happened to the men previously.

About 400 Trump supporters turned out for the event. Shortly after it got underway, the anti-Trump protesters appeared, chanting the slogan “love trumps hate” while others used simply cursed Trump’s name. Various reports put the number of anti-Trump protesters at between 50 to 100 people.

The pro-Trump side responded with chants of “get a job.” Scuffles soon followed but were quickly broken up by the capitol police. One protester used pepper spray against the pro-Trump side, according to a report by the local CBS affiliate. No serious injuries were reported.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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