Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority must pass Israel’s ‘test of peace’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he is willing to make peace with the Palestinians if they can “pass the test of peace,” during a Fox News interview Friday evening.

“I think the first test of peace is to say to them, ‘Hey, you want peace? Prove it. Confront terrorism, stop rewarding terrorism, stop paying it terrorists,'” Netanyahu told host Sean Hannity during their sit-down interview in Israel.

Netanyahu said the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists and the families of terrorists who murder Israelis and Americans “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“It could be more than a billion dollars that are given to terrorists,” Netanyahu said. “I’m not talking about Hamas. I’m talking about the mainline Palestinian Authority headed by the president, who is going to see President Trump in Washington.”

Netanyahu met with Trump at the White House earlier this year and said it is not a matter of having the world pressure Israel to make peace with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas because Israel wants peace.

If the Palestinian Authority can “come clean” and stop paying terrorists, Israel will move forward, he said.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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