New Republican ‘artificial intelligence’ data firm debuts for 2018

A new Republican technology firm that hopes to make a splash in 2018 is debuting artificial intelligence-enhanced micro-targeting and data analytics.

Genus AI, backed by $1 million in seed money, according to a company spokesman, is headquartered in London. That’s where the personnel behind the artificial intelligeince technology are based. But the firm, scheduled to launch on Tuesday, is opening a Washington, D.C., office.

Jesse Kamzol, former chief data officer at the Republican National Committee, has been hired to run it. Kamzol worked at the RNC from 2015-17, the height of operations for the committee’s modernized, campaign-style data and field programs that were the foundation of President Trump’s ground game.

“During my 12-year tenure at the RNC I have seen the tremendous impact of technology on strategy, operations and execution of campaigns. Genus AI platform can be truly transformative for issue advocacy, political and other campaigns and I look forward to helping realise its full potential,” Kamzol said in a statement.

Advanced micro targeting and data analytics have become a crucial element of political campaigns. Done properly, reams of specific data points on millions of individual voters are gathered to allow campaigns to effectively communicate with them and turn them out to vote. The data is used for predictive modeling to help steer campaign resources to where they are needed most.

Kamzol said Genus AI’s use of artificial intelligence will improve a campaign’s ability to shape and model the electorate through technology that is swift, self-learning and less dependent on human input.

In a press release, Genus AI desecribed its product this way:

“Genus AI is a next generation artificial intelligence platform. It combines advances in the fields of machine learning, neuroscience, psychology, and behavioural sciences. The platform is powered by deep learning and focuses on enabling businesses to engage existing and new customers in an emotionally intelligent way. The platform is engineered to continuously learn and adapt while helping organisations to better understand and interact with people around the world.”

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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