No, Trump is not the first to have golden Easter eggs

President Trump loves gold, but not so much that he personally changed the aesthetic of the Easter Egg Roll to suit his preferences.

Sigh. Some weird stories come across this desk. Okay, let’s do this:

A New York Times reporter claimed falsely this week that Trump had done away with the usual Easter Egg Roll colors, and opted instead for his favorite metallic shade of yellow.

“Forget those silly pastel/rainbow colors of White House Easter Egg Rolls past,” she wrote. “Trump’s Easter Eggs will be GOLD.”

She linked to a separate tweet from an account called “WH Easter Egg Roll”:

The account did indeed show that there will be gold Easter eggs this year, but this isn’t a first for the White House. Previous administrations, including that of Barack Obama, have done this.

The same Times report corrected herself later after it was brought to her attention that this is not, in fact, the first White House to do this.

House aims for second Obamacare repeal effort in April or May

Also from the Washington Examiner

Conservatives who have revived the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare say their goal is to come up with a deal that the House could pass by by May or even sooner, before lawmakers attempt to tackle tax reform.

“I would have said on Tuesday morning there was a two in ten chance we would be able to pass a bill, but today I give it a seven out of ten,” said Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, a top member of the conservative Republican Study Committee. “I feel good about it.”

Republicans are hoping to revive the health care bill so it can be completed before House lawmakers move on to the difficult task of trying to pass a comprehensive tax reform measure.

03/29/17 4:06 PM

“Appears my memory of Easter Egg Rolls past was wrong. Seems Obamas had a golden egg too – not a Trump innovation,” she said on social media.

Now you know. Mystery solved.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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