Protesters prepare to disrupt inauguration festivities

Thousands of anti-Trump protesters looking to obstruct the peaceful transition of power are preparing to blockade Donald Trump supporters’ access to Inauguration Day festivities.

Anarchists, progressives and other Trump dissidents are organizing under the banner of #DisruptJ20 and have planned “Operation Clusterfuck” to block travel into Washington on Friday, particularly from Virginia, as the Washington Examiner reported. Conservative activist James O’Keefe dispatched people to infiltrate various planning meetings in the wake of the Washington Examiner’s reporting and has published a video that he says shows organizers planning to use chains to block Metro trains into Washington.

#DisruptJ20 organizers revealed on Thursday the locations of some of the checkpoints they plan to blockade with the help of affiliated groups. Black Lives Matter protesters, for example, will initiate a Racial Justice Checkpoint blockading access to the inaugural parade at the intersection of Indiana Avenue NW and Sixth Street NW, according to #DisruptJ20 organizers. Climate change activists, meanwhile, will look to shut down a checkpoint near Third Street and D Street NW, just two blocks away from the National Mall.

Bikers for Trump, which has sought to demonstrate along the parade route at John Marshall Park near the site of the Black Lives Matter protesters’ planned blockade, has expressed a willingness to act independently to stop anti-Trump forces. The pro-Trump bikers have said they will stand shoulder-to-shoulder and form a “wall of meat” to oppose anti-Trump protesters.

While it’s difficult to judge just how many pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces will gather in a particular public space at any time, the Bikers for Trump group sought space for 5,000 people at John Marshall Park, according to information provided by the National Park Service.

#DisruptJ20 organizers are providing housing for 1,000 participants in its demonstrations, but the number of protesters affiliated with its efforts could grow much larger. #DisruptJ20 organizers played down expectations for the number of people who would attend its “queer dance party” at Vice President-elect Mike Pence‘s residence in Washington on Wednesday night, but hundreds of people attended.

Other protests in Washington on Friday will include prominent activists such as Michael Moore, who is slated to attend a #DisruptJ20 rally at McPherson Square in the afternoon, and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who will deliver a speech at Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X Park.

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