Twitter clears Rosie O’Donnell after Ben Shapiro reports harassment, suggests ‘double standard’

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro made a very public attempt to expose whether Twitter has a “double standard” in dealing with harassment by reporting Rosie O’Donnell.

Reacting to a vulgar tweet the actress sent in his direction, Shapiro suggested that if the liberal O’Donnell were a conservative figure the social media platform would take disciplinary action.

This week O’Donnell appeared to offer a $2 million cash bribe to Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Susan Collins to vote against the GOP’s tax reform bill which ultimately passed and was signed by President Trump.

Shapiro was one of several people to rebuke O’Donnell for the tweet, harping on the illegality of offering money to public officials try to influence official acts.

“If Trump orders [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions to investigate Rosie, he will be carved into Rushmore by Friday,” he tweeted.

O’Donnell replied in a now-deleted tweet: “suck my dick ben.”

Shapiro, who is editor in chief of the Daily Wire, later revealed Twitter’s response, which showed that its assessment of O’Donnell’s tweet found no violation of its rules.

“Surprise of surprises,” Shapiro tweeted snarkily.

Shapiro also explained that it wasn’t his intent to get O’Donnell barred from Twitter, but rather to see if Twitter played favorites. Twitter this year has cracked down on right-wing figures, banning some while stripping verification badges for others.

“It’s an attempt to clarify Twitter’s standards. I don’t actually want them to ban or suspend Rosie. I want them to stop applying their own rules inconsistently,” he said.

O’Donnell, Shapiro revealed, blocked him on Twitter.

This post originally appeared on Washington Examiner


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