Venezuelan president: Trump will do better than Obama

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday said he expects President-elect Trump to do a better job as commander-in-chief than outgoing President Obama.

“He won’t be worse than Obama, that’s all I dare say. Obama has left the world plagued by terrorism. In Latin America, he will be remembered for three coups,” Maduro said in a news conference, his first comments since Trump’s November victory.

Maduro did not expect the attacks leaders and “international media” in western countries have launched against Trump.

“International media have speculated about Donald Trump,” Maduro said. “We are surprised at the brutal hate campaign against Donald Trump in the whole world, in the western world.”

The socialist leader did not hit back at Trump for comments the Republican made denouncing Maduro’s socialist party during the campaign season. Instead, Maduro called for world leaders to be “prudent” and “wait and see what happens” rather than try to “jump ahead of ourselves.”

The Venezuelan government has scolded Obama’s foreign policy as “imperialist.” He has also accused the State Department of trying to change governments in Brazil, Honduras and Paraguay.

Media prepares for war with Trump

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Members of the press are taking a strident tone against the incoming Trump administration.

01/17/17 12:01 AM

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