WATCH: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives for first meeting with Trump

President Trump hosted Canadian Prime Minister at the White House on Monday for their first bilateral meeting on a host of issues, including renegotiation of the decades-old NAFTA trade agreement.

The Liberal Party leader arrived just after 11 a.m., greeting Trump with a smile and firm grip of his shoulder before they stepped into the West Wing. Trudeau and Trump proceeded to the Oval Office for a meeting about U.S.-Canada relations, economic issues and presumably, the president’s travel ban.

Trudeau, who had a close relationship with former President Obama, has agreed to renegotiate the NAFTA trade deal that Trump so forcefully decried on the campaign trail. But the prime minister remains opposed to Trump’s executive order on immigration and the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

Vice President Mike Pence joined the two leaders in the Oval Office for their meeting, before a roundtable discussion on women entrepreneurship and child care policy that Trump’s daughter Ivanka organized.

The White House preceded the roundtable with an announcement that Trump and Trudeau will launch a joint council for the advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

“Both President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau are committed to removing barriers to women’s economic participation and supporting women as they advance in the business community,” an administration official told reporters, adding that “today’s discussion will center on how to encourage more connectivity and business activity between women business leaders” and the U.S. and Canada.

Trump and Trudeau are slated to hold a joint press conference later Monday afternoon.

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