Why Michael Cohen won’t open up his passport

President-elect Donald Trump‘s special counsel Michael Cohen on Wednesday said he chose not to tweet an image of the inside of his passport out of concern for his personal security.

Cohen had posted an image on Twitter one day earlier in response to a Buzzfeed report that he had met with Russian officials in Prague.

The tweet accompanied an image of the cover of his passport with the statement, “I have never been to Prague in my life.”

“People are saying ‘So? It’s not opened,” Fox News host Sean Hannity said to Cohen.

“With all due respect to those haters, do you really think I was going to open up the passport and allow them to see my ID number?” Cohen responded.

“Next thing I will be trying to leave the country for whatever the reason might be, and what will happen? Someone will have already duplicated it with my ID. I’ve been subject of personal attacks and the last thing I need is to have somebody with my passport number on top of everything else.”

Cohen said he was in Los Angeles at the time of the BuzzFeed dossier’s alleged Prague incident and that the Michael Cohen reported to be in the European city was a different man. He then implored folks who have said they have photos of him meeting with Russian officials to release them.

In light of the latest news cycle, which he said has unfairly targeted his family, Cohen said he plans to work harder to defend his boss.

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