“Deploraball” Protests Turn Bloody As Trump Supporter Assaulted With Flagpole

hitReports have been rolling in all evening of vicious mobs of violent protesters around Washington DC attacking Donald Trump supporters in town for the inauguration, including people on their way to and from tonight’s pre-Inauguration “Deploraball” celebration, held at the National Press Club building. Over 1000 guests were invited to the event organized by Mike @Cernovich and the pro-Trump MAGA3X organization.

One of the victims was 21 year old Trump supporter and Youtube Journalist James Allsup of Seattle, who was harassed and then punched on camera by members of the “Antifa” protest organization featured in the recent Project Veritas undercover sting.

After the cameras were off, Allsup was hit on the back of the head with a flagpole requiring a trip to the ER for some staples.


Followed by Allsup’s account over Twitter of what took place:

And for those of you claiming this could have all been staged, here’s the ER report:

This is absolutely insane behavior from the party that said refusing to accept the results of the election was a “direct threat to our democracy.”

This post originally appeared on Zero Hedge


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