NYC Mayor Covers Public Schools With Leaflets: “We Will Not Turn Our Back On Immigrant Brothers & Sisters”

In what appears to be an effort to quell the fear rising in the ‘legal’ immigrant community about President Trump’s ‘illegal’ immigration policies, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio – not one to shy away from scare-mongering that very fear into ‘legal’ immigrants – has leaflet-bombed the city’s public schools reassuring ‘immigrants’ that they will not be bothered by President Trump’s ‘illegal’ immigration efforts.

“The City of New York supports all its residents. Everyone, including undocumented immigrants, can access most City services, such as going to school or using the healthcare system or other City services.

City employees will not ask about immigration status unless it is necessary to do their jobs. They must keep immigration status information confidential.”

Quick translation: [undocumented] = [illegal] but the former connotes no ill-will and implied they are pending documentation whereas the latter is what it is – the immigrants are in the country illegally, the noting of which will likely hurt someone’s feelings.

Full leaflet below:


As Mayor Bill de Blasio complained when President Trump’s executive order was issued:

“As an American and the grandson of immigrants I am profoundly saddened by the President’s Executive Order on immigration issued today. The United States has been a beacon of hope to the world. We are a country founded on the belief of religious pluralism and equality. Today the President sent a shamefully different message. He has temporarily suspended nearly all refugee admissions, indefinitely banned refugee admissions from Syria, and imposed a 90-day ban on all immigration from a number of Muslim-majority countries. These policies do not reflect the values of the United States or of New York City. We must continue to embrace refugees in need who are victims of terror, not terrorists. We must protect and celebrate religious pluralism. In this great city of immigrants we will remain true to our values and always welcome all who yearn to breathe free.”

Presumably his grand-parents were ‘legal’ immigrants?

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