Obamacare Repeal Status Update

The problem with ObamaCare is that all it did was bail out the private insurance companies.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been buying health insurance on the individual market for 12 years now, bought it for a few years in the ’90s, and have been paying attention to the cost of health insurance, and what you get at what price-point, since the mid-’80s.

Unfortunately most people I know have never fully paid for it.  They seem to think a good family plan costs $200 a month, because that’s what they’ve had to pay after their boss has paid $1,000, and now they’re outraged to find out what this shit really costs.

This isn’t new.  The Nixon Administration introduced HMO plans in the mid-’70s because they could tell the healthcare finance was collapsing, even then.

It cracks me up that most of the things people hate about ObamaCare are the things people hated about pre-ObamaCare; the things ObamaCare was supposed to fix.  It was awfully damn predictable that ObamaCare wouldn’t fix the problems, because the problems are of the nature of private health insurance.

Whatever; ObamaCare was a huge bait-and-switch, to nobody’s surprise who was paying attention.  ObamaCare deserves all the disrespect it has earned.

What’s really funny though, is watching the idiots who pretended all the problems had to do with ObamaCare, and now they’re holding the pointy end of the stick trying to come up with a solution that preserves the insurance company’s racket but isn’t a total ClusterFrack.  Ha.  Ain’t no such aminal.  Smarter people would have learned the lesson from ObamaCare, but apparently we’re not dealing with rocket scientists here.

This post originally appeared on Zero Hedge


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