Russian Ambassador In Turkey Shot, Seriously Wounded In Ankara Attack

The Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrey Karlov, has been shot in Ankara, according to CNN Turk. Turkish NTV adds that the ambassador has been seriously wounded in the attack, and CNN Turk adds a man man opened fire in the air then fired twice at the
ambassador, who was shot in the back.

The following photo from Huyrriet shows the moment of the attack:

The attack took place at the opening of the “Russia through Turks’ eyes” photo exhibition, Turkish NTV news channel reports.

CNN Turk also adds that the man who shot the ambassador shouted about Aleppo.

Google translation from the latest report via Turkish’ Hurriyet:

Russian Ambassador Andrey Gennadiyevich Karlov was armed at the opening of a painting exhibition in the Center for Contemporary Arts in Ankara. During the opening speech, it was learned that Karlov, who had been attacked by a gun, was taken to the hospital as a seriously injured person.

The attack took place during the opening of a painting exhibition in Ankara’s Center for Contemporary Arts.

Following the opening, Ambassador Andrey Karlov, who came to the floor to speak, was attacked at this time.

In the meantime, Russian officials who spoke to said that the attacks were carried out by radical Islamic terrorists.


Hürriyet Ankara representative Deniz Zeyrek said:

Hasim Kilic, our Ankara büromuzdan correspondent, is the reporter who took a photograph about the incident.

There were exhibitions of photos of Camkat.

The ambassador speaks while the attacker is shooting into the air first. Then he shot the ambassador from his back, then unloaded the room. Once again, the ambassador struck again.

It was suggested that the police came in with the identity of the police. He’s in a suit-tie and a gun.

Ambassador and aggressor are still inside. The police are in operation.

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The Turkish Lira is sliding on the news:

Developing story.

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