MSNBC Host Defends Antifa As ‘The Side of Angels’

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace defended Antifa on Thursday afternoon, and referred to them as “good people” on “the side of angels.”

Wallace’s comments came in response to recent remarks from President Trump, who doubled-down on his “both sides” statement regarding the violence in Charlottesville, Va. between white nationalists and “anti-fascists.”

“I think, especially in light of the advent of Antifa, if you look at what’s going on there, you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also, and essentially that’s what I said,” Trump said on Thursday.

“Because of what’s happened since [Charlottesville] with Antifa, when you look at really what’s happened since Charlottesville, a lot of people are saying, and people have actually written, ‘Gee, Trump may have a point.’ I said there’s some very bad people on the other side also,” he continued.

Wallace condemned Trump for the comment.

“There were really bad guys on the side of the KKK, and then there were good people opposing the KKK,” she said. “One of the people on the side of angels lost her life.”

Really no need to click, though:

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2- You already know …

This woman is a bottom feeder.

We should therefore dawn Hoodies , black clothing and beat the ever loving hell out of antifa communist in angelic retribution. right?

“Angels”, eh?

Image result for Redneck Revolt

The following is from ANTIFA’s website, New York City chapter…

About us
Antifascists and Anticapitalists!

With the red and black anarchist flag symbols they appear to be anarco-syndicalists, a combination of communist and anarchist.

Again from their website…(notice the promotion of violence in their website banner)

Antifa International



A common Anarcho-Syndicalist flag.

In the early 20th century, anarcho-syndicalism arose as a distinct school of thought within anarchism.[78] With greater focus on the labour movement than previous forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a potential force for revolutionary social change, replacing capitalism and the state with a new society, democratically self-managed by the workers.

Anarcho-syndicalists seek to abolish the wage system and private ownership of the means of production, which they believe lead to class divisions. Important principles include workers’ solidarity, direct action (such as general strikes and workplace recuperations), and workers’ self-management. This is compatible with other branches of anarchism, and anarcho-syndicalists often subscribe to anarchist communist or collectivist anarchist economic systems.[79] Its advocates propose labour organization as a means to create the foundations of a non-hierarchical anarchist society within the current system and bring about social revolution.


YouTube Video:
The O’Reilly Factor confronts Bill Ayers:
October 24, 2008:
(note the red communist star, and anarcho-syndicalist red and black, on his shirt)

I just recently realized that YouTube has since deleted this Bill Ayers/Bill O’Reily video.

However, here’s another link to it…

O’Reilly Producer Attempts interview with Bill Ayers

Bill Ayers: “I considered myself partly an anarchist then and I consider myself partly an anarchist now. I mean, I’m as much an anarchist as I am a Marxist which is to say I find a lot of the ideas in anarchism appealing.,2933,443241,00.html

Backup link…


Antifa International

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For what it’s worth… (I report, you decide)

Victory night, 2008!

Image result for michelle obama anarcho-syndicalist etl free republic

Michelle Obama on the night of her husband’s 2008 election victory

“The raised fist (also known as the clenched fist) is a salute and logo most often used by left-wing activists, such as: Marxists, anarchists, socialists, communists, pacifists, trade unionists, and black nationalists. The raised fist is usually regarded as an expression of solidarity, strength or defiance.”


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The Revolutionary Communist Party launches its latest front group
Mission: Bring down the Trump/Pence administration (as if it actually were “fascist”)

— by ETL

The Revolutionary Communist Party, sometime around this past Feb (2017), launched a new front group called “Refuse Fascism”.

The group’s organizer/spokesperson, Sunsara Taylor, has been with the Revolutionary Communist Party for over a decade.

She’s been on Fox News a number of times over the years, including with Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Never once did either of them confront her with the fact of her belonging to the Revolutionary Communist Party, an organization which openly advocates the violent overthrow of the US government, or that the group she was on to represent was a front for the RCP. She of course would never come right out and say it, although she did at least once appear on Fox News wearing a Revolutionary Communist Party “Youth Brigade” t-shirt (like the one pictured below). Hannity’s only response? “What’s that you’re wearing”?, as though neither he nor his dopey research staff had a clue. I haven’t yet been able to find a screen cap of that appearance. The RCP Youth Brigade is a particularly slimy division of the RCP that targets young naive college and even high school kids, usually via some fake front group.

Image result for communist youth brigade

Image result for communist youth brigade

In any case, in February of this year (2017) she was on Fox News again, this time discussing a “Refuse Fascism” Trump-Pence protest in New York City. Prior to my watching the video I had stated that I would have bet my last dollar that Tucker wouldn’t mention the RCP, as neither Hannity nor O’Reilly did when she appeared on their shows. Well, turned out I was right. Not a friggin word about it. I don’t know what sort of idiots they hire there to do the research, but they absolutely suck at it.

Image result for refusefascism

Tucker Carlson WRECKS Sunsara Taylor “Don’t like Trump? What are you going to do about it?”


Click and read this Wiki piece quick before some commie edits it…

“Sunsara Taylor is a Maoist[1] who is a leader within several different groups including the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Refuse Fascism, World Can’t Wait, and Stop Patriarchy. She has been a vocal opponent of abortion regulation, pornography, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush.”

When/if they do alter it, it’s backed up here…


Sunsara Taylor in front with white shirt


Mission Statement (from their website)

This is the plan of Refuse Fascism. Millions need to understand and act on this urgently. It provides the education and wake up call needed now.

Sign The Call
Download PDF Flier in English
Download PDF Flier in Spanish
View List of Signers
Leer en Español
Teach-In Video

Image result for refusefascism


Phone: 917-407-1286
Mailing Address:
305 West Broadway #185 New York NY 10013
Twitter: @refusefascism
Instagram: RefuseFascism


Here is a link to the home page for the Revolutionary Communist Party.
There you can find a link to this latest front group, “Refuse Fascism: Drive Out The Trump-Pence Regime”, plus a whole lot more.

Direct link here:

Again, the “Rev” is for Revolutionary, “Com”, Communist


Image result for sunsara taylor fox news youth brigade

RCP spokesperson, Sunsara Taylor, reading from their communist-anarchist playbook. The founder and top boss of the Revolutionary Communist Party is a nut job/moron named Bob Avakian. RCP members worship at his feet as if he were a god. It’s sort of like a Jonestown thing.

Image result for bob avakian rcp

Here’s a photo of the schmuck…

Image result for bob avakian rcp


Carl Dix is a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and spokesperson for “Refuse Fascism”. The RCP have been around for decades. They, like Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist group, stem from the radical Students For A Democratic Society (SDS). The RCP openly advocates the violent overthrow of the US government.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image result for Revolutionary Communist Party carl dix

Image result for Revolutionary Communist Party
Longtime RCP leader and spokesman Carl Dix being arrested yet again (my caption -ETL)


Re: the 1992 Rodney King riots…

“During the days immediately preceding the violence, RCP — which maintained close ties to the L.A. gangs known as the Crips and the Bloods — had circulated throughout South Central Los Angeles a leaflet featuring a statement by RCP National Spokesman Carl Dix, titled ‘It’s Right To Rebel’ — a quote popularized by Mao Zedong.

Encouraged by Dix, RCP activists helped lead the riots that would leave 58 people dead, more than 2,300 people injured, some 5,300 buildings burned, and $1 billion in property damaged or destroyed. On the ten-year anniversary of the rioting, RCP member Joseph Veale fondly recalled the violence as ‘the most beautiful, the most heroic civil action in the history of the United States.’


Here is a link to his (Carl Dix) Twitter page, where he provides updates, and various other info on current events, in case you want to monitor their activities.


Image result for sunsara taylor revolutionary communist party youth brigade


Image result for sunsara taylor fox

Image result for sunsara taylor fox news

Image result for sunsara taylor fox news

Image result for sunsara taylor fox news


You may recall the group “World Can’t Wait–Drive Out the Bush Regime” during the GWB days (see above photos of Revolutionary Communist Party spokesperson Sunsara Taylor). I posted about them here on FR many times. Well, they (WCW) were created by the RCP as well. The full name of this latest group of theirs is actually “Refuse Fascism: Drive Out the Trump-Pence Regime”.

The Revolutionary Communist Party openly calls for an armed revolution to overthrow the US government. They are also an organizer for the fake, so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement. See below.


Who Is Doing the Community Organizing for Black Lives Matter Spectacle?

by Dave Blount, June 5, 2015 [during Obama administration]

Not many Black Lives Matter morons would have the initiative to get a poster printed. But it’s no mystery where they get the signs that they jab in the air as they chant “What do we want? Dead cops!” The supplier is printed right across the bottom: .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

‘Rev’ is for revolutionary.
‘Com’ is for communist
. bills itself as “the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.” The explicit objective is to overthrow our constitutional republic and replace it with an oligarchical collectivist dictatorship along the lines of North Korea and the Soviet Union.

Why would advocates of a communist police state agitate against the police? Because as leftists used to admit openly, the issue is never the issue. This isn’t about the police, any more than it is about blacks. It is about destabilizing the system so as to create opportunities to weaken it and eventually overthrow it.

That’s what community organizing boils down to. These people have taken over the executive branch of the federal government; why would they stop there?

The next hill they take will be federal control of local police. After that, things will start to get scary.

Backup link

From the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party (

Create Public Opinion, Seize Power: We are preparing minds and organizing forces for the time when there is a major crack in the system, whenever it comes and wherever it comes from: an opening that makes it possible to bring the future Revolutionary Army of the Proletariat (R.A.P.) into the field and wage a revolutionary armed struggle that actually has a chance of winning.

And we have said that building our party itself is the most important part of organizing forces for revolution. This is true now, and it is true looking forward to the creation of that future R.A.P. and the waging of that armed struggle.”:


The 1992 LA/Rodney King riots were instigated by the Revolutionary Communist Party

From David Horowitz’s /

“Throughout its history, one of RCP’s [Revolutionary Communist Party] principal objectives has been to foment civil unrest in the United States. The most notable example of such efforts occurred on April 29, 1992, when RCP members looted and trashed the downtown and government districts of Los Angeles, triggering the infamous Rodney King riots. During the days immediately preceding the violence, RCP — which maintained close ties to the L.A. gangs known as the Crips and the Bloods — had circulated throughout South Central Los Angeles a leaflet featuring a statement by RCP National Spokesman Carl Dix, titled ‘It’s Right To Rebel’ — a quote popularized by Mao Zedong.

Encouraged by Dix, RCP activists helped lead the riots that would leave 58 people dead, more than 2,300 people injured, some 5,300 buildings burned, and $1 billion in property damaged or destroyed. On the ten-year anniversary of the rioting, RCP member Joseph Veale fondly recalled the violence as ‘the most beautiful, the most heroic civil action in the history of the United States.’

“The RCP upheld the 1992 sometimes-violent unrest in Los Angeles and nationally as a “rebellion” in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdicts.

Then-LAPD chief Daryl Gates alleged that the RCP was involved in the “riots”.

Los Angeles has long been one of the RCP’s larger and more active branches.

William “Mobile” Shaw was a local leader who recently passed and received public commendation from the party.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image result for stop police terror revcom

Image result for stop police terror revcom


“Refuse Fascism” (“–Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime”) (founder/) organizer (RCP) had nothing but praise for this statue of mass-murderer Mao Tse-tung (back in 2008)… ^
| October 19, 2008 | Li Onesto

Posted on 8/24/2017, 9:28:40 AM by ETL

Revolution #145, October 19, 2008

An Unofficial Guide to the Exhibit [By the Revolutionary Communist Party: RCP]

Take the 68th Street subway exit on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and walk over to Park Avenue. Two blocks north, on the street divider in the middle of four lanes of heavy traffic, a 10-foot-high steel sculpture of a Mao jacket greets you. Then on the building to the right is a big banner with a drawing of Mao Tsetung surrounded by images of workers, soldiers and youth marching with red flags, Red Books and rifles. This is the outside introduction to a new exhibit at the Asia Society Museum titled: “Art and China’s Revolution.”

Related image

In the next couple of months, tens of thousands of drivers will zoom past the huge Mao jacket, prompting many to do a double take. It will jog some people’s memories back to the ’60s when millions of people around the world, including here in the United States, looked to socialist China as a truly liberating society. For some it might bring to mind Andy Warhol’s pop-art image of Mao, which you occasionally still see on t-shirts and greeting cards.

After being bombarded by decades of being told that “communism is dead,” most people who drive or walk by will probably consider these artistic references as icons of “the failure of socialism.” But for those who actually go through the revolving glass doors of the museum and see the exhibit, this can be an opportunity to examine and think more about what Mao and the Cultural Revolution and socialism are really all about—and to look at, and reconsider, the “accepted wisdom” on the effect this historic struggle had on art and artists; and in turn, the role art and artists played in this historic struggle. …”

Much more at link below.


Same organization ( put out this regarding the recent controversies…

Keep in mind as you’re reading that Mao Zedong murdered many millions more people than did the National Socialist/Nazi Hitler regime, by a factor of at least three.

May 17, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Around 100 racists rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the night of Saturday, May 13. They railed against the city’s plans to remove a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee—who led a war to defend and expand the enslavement of Black people—from a public park. The crowd carried torches that evoked a KKK lynch mob, and chanted “We [white people] will not be replaced” and “Blood and Soil” (a slogan from the Nazi German regime that carried out the genocidal slaughter of six million Jews and millions of other people in the mid-20th century). …”


[The Revolutionary Communist Party front group] “Refuse Fascism’s fiscal sponsor is the Alliance For Global Justice”

“AGJ receives funding from a number of left-wing philanthropies, including George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation”


Another major player in the recent protests is the group, “Redneck Revolt”…

Quite a sophisticated website they have. Membership groups across the country.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway, after a few minutes digging around their website I found this…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Redneck Revolt: armed leftists confront White Nationalists in Charlottesville

August 18, 2017 by

The armed far right and far left agree on tactics of intolerance

 By Nate Thayer

August 18, 2017

“Let’s put the RED back in redneck,” is the slogan of Redneck Revolt, a rapidly expanding nationwide network of gun-toting leftists who confront White Nationalists at public demonstrations.

“The Left is getting armed again and I am honored to be a part of that,” said Mitchell Lewis of the Silver Valley chapter of Redneck Revolt in Davidson County, North Carolina who was in Charlottesville, Virginia carrying an AR-15 rifle against White Nationalist protestors.

At least five chapters of Redneck Revolt, heavily armed with AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and other weapons, were at the “Unite the Right” demonstration last weekend in Charlottesville.

Armed Redneck Revolt members in Charlottesville, VA at the ‘Unite the Right’ White Nationalist protest August 12. Second from right is Mitchell Lewis of the Silver Valley, North Carolina chapter of Redneck Revolt. Photo Edu Bayer/NYT


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image result for Redneck Revolt

Related image


Here is another communist group that is participating in the protests: “Red Guards”. I just now was made aware of them via a new thread posted tp FR.

They are as off-the-wall commie left as the Revolutionary Communist Party!

Check out the almost unbelievable crap they have on their website. The links are to their Austin, Texas chapter.

I will lay it out here in the open at a later time.

For now, here’s a screen grab from their website…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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